Zen Habits

In this category I’m hoping to offer a way of developing Zen Habits or wholesome simple habits that will influence us back to the path of calm and happiness. Click here to see the complete series of Zen Habits

Freedom – if you want to fly

Sometimes we need to realise that when we want to fly, we need to let go of all baggage, the people, places, things and thoughts that weigh us down, preventing us from that feeling of freedom.

Chinese Nutritional Healing

Certificate in Chinese Nutritional Healing Course We intend to offer a course in Chinese Nutritional Therapy based on the principals of Chinese Medicine. If you would like to receive information about the course please register your interest here. Next Course  Date to be Announced Where? Online Register your Interest Today The Active Health Foundation Chinese… Continue reading Chinese Nutritional Healing

TCM Posters

Visit Traditional Chinese Medicine Poster Shop Here

The one who Angers you….

The one who angers you controls you…. Don’t give anyone the power especially the one who does it intentionally. Anger is a normal emotion and can even be positive in certain situations. When you’re angry, you lose the ability to see the reality of what’s happening. Uncontrolled anger results in disharmony, disease and unhealthy relationships… Continue reading The one who Angers you….

Easy Does It

What a wonderful saying Easy Does It, or as some say “Easy Does It but Do It” is especially relevant today. Moving slowly and carefully in a relaxed and stressful way. James recommends you buy this one Safe and Secure payment cart Frame not included