Sometimes between long shadows on the grassThe little truant waves of sunlight pass.My eyes grow dim with tenderness the while,Thinking I see thee, Thinking I see thee smile And sometimes in the twilight gloom apart,The tall trees whisper, whisper heart to heart.From your fond lips the eager answers falls,Thinking I hear thee, Thinking I hear… Continue reading Absence


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Saa Taa Naa Maa

Kirtan Kriya – Saa Taa Naa Maa – by Tera Naam This beautiful meditation is an incredibly effective chant to center our while being and reduce the stresses and anxieties of modern living. Produced by Hansujot (https://hansujot.com/‚Äč) Executive Producer: Gurbasant Singh (satnam.eu) Mixing & Mastering: Ivo Vossen (oneeyedcharlie.com) KIRTAN KRIYA – how to do it:… Continue reading Saa Taa Naa Maa


Breath Meditation – This 20 minute Breath Meditation is one that I use myself. It has brought me many smiling days. I hope you receive as many benefits as I have from it. Senses Meditation: A 10 minute Senses meditation taking us through the senses in a mindful way to re-invigorate the mind and body.… Continue reading Meditation


Why not join us to help release blockages and bring about a better health, movement, freedom, wellbeing and longevity. We are about personal growth and living a life worth living. We are committed to living in the solution while dealing with life. Zen as a spiritual concept and practice has a myriad of health benefits,… Continue reading Join


The vibration of life is strongest when we practice together as a group. Each of us can practice from anywhere we feel comfortable. Current communications make it possible for all like minded people to connect in a safe and beneficial space. Its not really about the method its about our frame of mind during practice.