Why not join us to help release blockages and bring about a better health, movement, freedom, wellbeing and longevity. We are about personal growth and living a life worth living. We are committed to living in the solution while dealing with life.

Zen as a spiritual concept and practice has a myriad of health benefits, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our practice is not religious and it is not necessary to believe in Buddhism in order to enjoy these benefits however if you already hold ANY religious or spiritual beliefs we believe these sessions will enhance and strengthen your faith because it frees your mind to explore all the facets of your faith and life. It will have an oriental flavor of music, philosophy and wisdom.

What’s the cost?

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a calm and serene mind. We also realize that not everyone can afford some courses and so our fees are by donation only.

Karma, we are encouraged to contribute what we can comfortably afford. The price of a coffee can go along way to pay the costs and expenses. Please send donation as “FRIEND”, as this will save the fees that PayPal change. PayPal Donation.

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