Hiya I’m James,

I’m connecting with a community of like minded people seeking truth, serenity, peace of mind and happiness through friendly practice of helping others achieve better health, movement, freedom and wellbeing. Giving something back, sharing honest and genuine nuggets of genuine living experience that can add something positive to someone who may need it and to the world in general.

Mindfulness: I believe that meditation and mindfulness are the core practice of the art of living. I’m practitioner and student of philosophy since birth, and still studying. I love the ancient wisdom that allows me to smile nearly everyday. Click to a couple of my Meditations..

My YouTube channel has over 160 videos on Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially made to serve my students desire for simple and authentic knowledge. Click to my YouTube Channel.

The Art of Living encourages us to live slowly and savour life. Its a beautiful place when we are awake to observe through the eyes of the wise man or woman that resides in all of us. I love drinking tea, especially with friends or anyone interested in life, but also alone watching the world go by. I’m a good listener to those who suffer and I encourage them to awaken to the beauty of the world.

If you like what you see, then please support me by buying me a cuppa tea, purchasing my book or a poster for your living room wall, your study or the back of the loo door. I will be grateful and you will also support your Karma.

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. ~ Tom Wilson