The Art of Living

The Art of Living is a gentle traditional way, path and practice, to enhance, strengthen and cultivate any programme you are presently practicing, but also to a life of good health, movement, freedom, wellbeing, and longevity. It starts with silence, quiet and matures into serenity and peace of mind. It has a powerful effect on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We learn that suffering is optional, when we practice this powerful technique.

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This practice is not easy, it takes determination and constancy. Success happens in a supporting non judgmental community where all are respected not only for their strengths but also acknowledging character defects. Where hope is an achievable goal that we can share during practice.

It is the same as when we were children learning something new, something exciting, something valuable. It means learning to be mindful of when you have certain expectations, ideals, dreams, fantasies. It means learning to observe, to notice, to see your emotions, your anger, irritations, frustrations, loneliness sadness as signals of the expectations you have and didn’t notice before. If you experience these emotions, then why not observe them, connect with them!

It means monitoring them, connecting with them, and then practicing letting them go in a mindful way. That means plenty of practice, and a lot of remembering to practice daily.

But that’s the fun of it. You drop the expectation that you’ll be perfect at this practice, and just try it, attempt it, have a go. You learn, you grow, you develop from the trying. You get better. You learn some more. And each moment, along the way, is a wonder, a phenomenon, a miracle to be appreciated and enjoyed, so the process or journey, is a succession of Zen moments that result from simply trying something new until it becomes a daily habit.

That’s the miracle of practicing the Art of Living.

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