Its all about traditional Chinese medicine, happiness, inspirational quotes, serenity, humility, compassion and kindness. Its a fun thing really, but it has its serious side.

One cup at a time encourages us to live slowly and savour life. Its a beautiful place when we are awake to observe through the eyes of the wise man or woman that resides in all of us. I love drinking tea, especially with friends or anyone interested in life, but also alone watching the world go by. I’m a good listener to those who suffer because they have yet to awaken to the beauty of the world.

About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my online store, or should I say my retirement plan for when my fingers can no longer effectively treat rugby and GAA players and other big muscular patients with acupuncture and Tuina Chinese medical physio. I’m a practitioner and teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I’m a student of philosophy since birth, and still studying. I love the ancient wisdom that allows me to smile everyday.

img_20120620_084933aI’m getting on a bit in age and so, I’ve decided to explore another passion of mine, digital illustration as means of supplementing my income. The subject matter was easy to find because I love wisdom in all is guises. The final products,  a range of stylish posters that I hope will inspire you to live life to the full.

My ambition is that this site will inspire you with some of that wisdom and hopefully you will consider supporting me by purchasing a poster for your living room wall, your study or the back of the loo door, to support my endeavours.

Stay a while and savour the ancient wisdom

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