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Five Flavours

The Five Elements or Phases of Chinese Medicine have brought a rich understanding of health and especially so with Chinese Nutritional Healing. This poster helps with identifying the foods associated with each Element. It makes an ideal study aid or educational poster for the clinic reception.

Convenient and stylish 12″ x 18″ size poster can be purchased with link below

Five Elements / Phases

The Five Elements/Phases, translated from Wu Xing, is an exceptional ancient form of traditional medicine. This poster stays true to the original texts of the Wu Xing masters who used this method to treat a wide variety of conditions. It contains the Wu Xing acupoints of the 12 Zang Fu Organs and the Mother and Child acupoints (Tonification and Sedation points). Also included is the Horary Clock which is used to diagnose and treat the Patterns of Disharmony.

Convenient and stylish 12″ x 18″ or 30cm x 45cm size poster can be purchased with link below

Horary Acupoints

The Horary point is the local acupoint to a particular meridian (i.e. wood point on a wood pathway). This local meridian acupoint becomes a horary point during the two-hour period of maximum energy for that particular meridian. Outside of that time slot, it returns to a normal acupoint. The horary acupoint become a very powerful point for body/mind/ spirit during the horary time slot. Activating the horary acupoint, we can reach the official and boost and revitalize the Qi of that element. It works similar to when a poker is used to stoke the ashes of a fire, and allow the fire to blaze.

This class of acupoint plays a major role in some techniques involving the Stems, where some points are considered closed or open depending on specific time, month or year.

Convenient and stylish 12″ x 18″ size poster can be purchased with link below