Horary Acupoints

The Horary point is the local acupoint to a particular meridian (i.e. wood point on a wood pathway). This local meridian acupoint becomes a horary point during the two-hour period of maximum energy for that particular meridian. Outside of that time slot, it returns to a normal acupoint. The horary acupoint become a very powerful… Continue reading Horary Acupoints

Diploma Voice Over

Here is the Diploma Voice Over for the Tuina sequence Just press play You may download this file for use in your own computer or phone. It is 45 Megabytes in size

Certificate Voice Over

This audio is to give students a chance to download my audio for the currant Tuina sequence for Certificate   Just press play


Its all about traditional Chinese medicine, happiness, inspirational quotes, serenity, humility, compassion and kindness. Its a fun thing really, but it has its serious side. One cup at a time encourages us to live slowly and savour life. Its a beautiful place when we are awake to observe through the eyes of the wise man… Continue reading Happiness

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Book – Practical Chinese Medicine

This book is an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine from the perspective of Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure. It guides the student through the theories and cultural philosophies of this exceptional medical discipline. It is an excellent first year student textbook that is written in the same down to earth, easy to understand sentences that the… Continue reading Book – Practical Chinese Medicine